C/Ku Hybrid - HD/SD Uplink Truck #1

Company CEO &
Truck Engineer:
Randy Johnson
Minneapolis - St. Paul

Our Minneapolis - St. Paul area truck is our ESPN Certified, C-Band/Ku-Band Hybrid. It's perfect for Live shots, Satellite Media Tours, Multiple Camera Productions, and Back-Hauls. It also has plenty of room for crews as well as independent workstations for laptops and portable editors.

Truck Features:

  • 2.4 Meter AVL C/Ku Hybrid Satellite Antenna.
  • No Polarity Restrictions.
  • Fully Redundant Transmit and Receive Paths.
  • Dual C-Band ETM 400 Watt TWT Amplifiers.
  • Dual Ku-Band MCL MT 3200 400 Watt TWT Amplifiers.
  • Dektec Transport Stream Analyzer.

  • 4 digital paths = 2-HD/2-SD or 4-SD:
  • Dual Adtec EN-81 HD/SD Encoders.
  • Dual Tiernan HE 4000 HD/SD Encoders.

  • Downlink:
  • Dual Adtec RD-60 HD/SD Receivers.
  • Dual Tiernan HD/SD Receivers.
  • Dual Upcom IRD+ HD/SD Receivers.

  • Production:
  • Panasonic HS-410 HD-SDI/SDI Video Switcher.
  • Yamaha DM 1000V2 Audo Console.
  • CG Graphics.
  • Evertz 12 input Multi-Viewer.
  • Dual 46in 3D LED Monitors
  • Camera Remote Control Panels.

  • Linear Editing:
  • Sound Devices Pix-260 SSD VTR.
  • DVCam/Mini-DV VTR.
  • DVD Recorder.

  • ENG Field Kit:
  • Panasonic HPX-370 ENG Camera Kit.
  • 442 ENG Field Audio Mixer.
  • Wireless and Wired Mics/IFB/RTS.
  • Arri Light Kit.
  • Field Video Monitors.

  • Communications:
  • 12 Extension PBX System.
  • 4 Cell Lines.
  • WiFi Internet.

  • On-Board 20kw Kohler Generator.

Relay House Inc.


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Business Address

Relay House Inc.
9277 Meridian Ave. SO
Montrose, MN 55363

Phone: 763-972-8008
Fax: 763-972-8018
E-Mail: Randy@relayhouse.com